Monday, October 28, 2013

One and Only :)

      Talk about happy stuffs, i almost forget that i have a prince in life ( if he reads this, he'll kill me for sure) LoL. Starts from April, 2007, i know him on a theology school in Tengger, near Bromo mountain. I met him when i visit my brother, who entered on there too. Actually, i do believe about love at the first sight. Because it happens to me for sure. i love musician. I love a man who loves & takes God seriously. Directly, i thought that he's the one. He plays keyboard, he loves hillsong, he loves children. he sociable and generous. For all girls out there, who met him, definitely can't resist his charm.

      I'm not a kind of girl who make first approach to a man, but in this case, i did. I surely did. I borrowed my bro's phone, searching for his number, and tadaaa... text him every day. Send him a religious text. Simple text like good morning, God's quote, etc. I remembered how crazy i am about him that time. Unfortunately, he's a cool type of guy, & hard approachable by any woman. Until on Dec 2007, he asking for some help. He ask me to send him a Indonesian Idol form, but in that time, i was on Bali island. I did everything i can. and tadaaa.. he got it from me. He say thanks and after that time, we're getting closer & closer. Finally, at new year, 00.00, January 1st 2008, he ask me to be his "close-friend". He didn't ask as "girlfriend", not specifically like that, but when i know that i was his first "close" partner too, that "girlfriend" word no longer matter to us.

     Until this moment we're still together, through all the probs & issues together in God's presence.We've passed the winding roads, sharp turns, we used to broke up for several months until we find our way back again.There's one thing I always proud of him. He doesn't like men in general who likes to have fun all the time. He spends most of his time to serve God. Thats why, we do believe that our relationship will always be blessed because from the beginning, we include God in our relationships. Thanks God, i've found him.. he's the first & only man who can handle & know me so well. Love him to the moon & back :')

Since me on blonde hair

Back to black hair

4 years celebrates christmas together

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