Monday, October 28, 2013

Blessed :')

    Praise God. This week i feel extremely blessed. Last Thursday, i accompanying my boyfriend in his ministry on a spiritual warfare seminar. At first i completely feel like lost in nowhere, because its not my church, its totally different church. Different way on worship, praise, maybe because they use a lot of old covenant way & its different, totally different with my own church.  But forget about the difference, i feel blessed. A lot. The pastor tells us to be the world warrior. Because we know that, the world is getting worse and we have to keep our faith, be the light in the dark. Be the blessing in our surrounding.  

   On saturday, i come to a school of life seminar too. Beside accompanying my boyfriend ( FYI, my boyfriend lives on another city, so its really a precious time for me to be with him, especially in a church ministry ), i really want to go there because i want to increase my spiritual way, recharging & returning back my intimacy spirit with Him. at first, i didn't feel anything. I completely enjoy the seminar but there are few things that made me uncomfortable in that place. i didn't feel free to express how i miss Him. but after the seminar, i totally recharge & reborn. at my church connect group, at the first time, i shared to them & i cried. I told them that we have to renew & rebuild our intimacy with Him, every single day, every single time. He loves us so much, He wants us to be His soulmate. Share everything & put all of our worries on Him. I want to get close, and closer to the spirit of God. 

Nothing more beautiful than to be in God's presence...God is the source of the greatest joy I've ever had in life.. :')

" Lovely are Your dwelling places
Thirsty, I come after You
Jesus my joy, my reward, Your love's restoring my soul
Now I'm Yours and You are mine
and from my heart a song will rise

Reff :
I love You, I love You, I love You (3x)
and my heart will follow wholly after You

Jesus there's none beside you
Righteous, ruler of the earth
Nations will come and bow down
Name after all names I sing You praises
and all I can say to you is...

Dwelling places - Hillsong 

    Anyone who reads this post, believe me, u are never alone. Although the world left u, God never let go of his grip on your life .. because He loves u so much, He loves u unconditionally.. 

-I do love Jesus, because even though i deserve NOTHING, He gave me EVERYTHING-

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