Monday, July 22, 2013

Rest in Peace Papa Genk

    Papa Genk was found dead last Saturday morning near Rantau Sabon village in Indonesia’s Aceh province. Its the leader of more than 40 elephants. Its face was crushed, its tusks had been removed and taken and its trunk was detached from its body.

 Genk, was found dead in Aceh Jaya. The Ministry of Forestry and local police are now investigating. Photo: Fakhrizan Mahyeddin

      The 22-year-old Papa Genk was well known in the area, and residents of Rantau Sabon and other nearby villages often had problems with the elephant. Genk had been in the Rantau Sabon area together with an elephant calf whose mother had earlier been poisoned in another nearby village.

       Rangers used fireworks and bonfires to try to drive the elephants away from the area on Friday evening, finally returning to their camp at 2:00 a.m. after they no longer heard the elephants’ movements. The next morning, the rangers heard reports that an elephant had been killed with a spear and set off combing the area until they found Genk’s body. They cried when they saw Genk's condition because it was very sadistic. They also sure that the perpetrator took the tusks that night as well.

Papa genk second wife. the first one was poisoned a year ago. People said the tears fall from her eyes when she found papa genk was dead

       Aceh has been the site of a number of recent conflicts between humans and Sumatran elephants. In 2012, 14 elephants were killed in the province. In fact, Fewer than 3.000 Sumatran Elephants are left in the wild and environmentalists warn that they could be extinct within three decades unless steps are taken to protect them. This is so heartbreaking. And this is not a very first time happened in indonesia. I don’t get it why it’s still happening. Madness.

      Sometimes, i think that this country is such an evil because there's no serious law banning ivory trade and illegal slaughter of animals.World knows that our sumatran elephant has been categorized as critically endangered animal but our country has no serious act on it. Government, People, wake up. If there's no  
more elephant or other endangered animal, there's no stories that we can tell to our generation. it would be great if our children can interact with them directly and naturally.

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Say no to ivory, keep speak-out for animal rights & stand against animal cruelties. Let Elephants Be Elephants. #SaveOurSumatranElephants

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