Wednesday, July 31, 2013

     July 29th celebrated as Tiger international day. An occasion not only for celebrating the beauty of the species, but also for raising awareness of threats to tigers & the importance of 
preserving biodiversity & the world's ecosystem.

    Beside that, do we agree, that tigers are awesome? i do love tigers because they're an amazing creatures  Here is the important & interesting facts about tigers.

Tiger is the largest member of the cat family. Tigers belong to the genus Panthera in the cat family, Felidae. All tigers are of the same species, Panthera tigris. People admire the tiger for its strength and beauty, but they also fear it because it has been known to kill and occasionally eat people. 

Tigers can live in almost any climate. They need only shade, water, and food. Tigers are found in the rain forests of Thailand ; the hot and dry thorn woods of India ; and the cold, snowy, spruce forests of Siberia. Tigers also live in mangrove swamps, marshes, and tall grasslands.

Tigers and lions look similar except for the color and length of their hair. Tigers hunt large mammals, such as deer, antelope, wild cattle, and wild pigs. They may even attack young rhinoceroses and elephants. They also catch such small animals as peafowl, monkeys, and frogs. At times, tigers attack porcupines, but the porcupine's quills may stick in the tiger's face and body, causing painful wounds. In many parts of Asia, tigers prey on domestic cattle and water buffalo, especially where hunters have greatly reduced the amount of wildlife.

Tigers live up to 20 years in the wild. Tigers are good swimmers. They may swim across rivers or between islands. On hot days, they may cool off in water. Tigers can climb trees but usually do not. 

But sadly, people have greatly reduced the number of tigers by killing them and by clearing the forests in which they lived. Tiger are also hunted for their fur & leather. Lots of people admire the beauty of their skin complexion and smoothness of their fur. Moreover, Tigers organ trafficking were too much happening in the world.

  There are only 3,274 living tigers left in the wild and each day horrible people conspire to make that number lower. Once, our country has 3 species of tiger. But when time grows, they are approaching extinction. We've already lose Javan tiger (Panthera Tigris Sondaica) and Bali tiger ( Panthera Tigris Balica) species. Sumatran tiger (Panthera Tigris Sumatrae) left.
   So on July 29 International Tiger Day is happening to raise awareness (and funds) so that all striped big cats can prowl in peace. No matter where we live, no matter how small our actions are, ALL OF US have a part to play in saving the tiger and our planet as a whole. 

Save our Sumatran Tiger.  We can help to protect them together and be a voice for other animals in the world, especially for those who are threatened with extinction. 

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